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9. December 2017
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9. December 2017

Why are cold pressed oils the healthiest?

Cold-pressed oils are "live" foods obtained from plants in the oldest and most labor-intensive way. These are compressed, usually at temperatures of about 35 ° C. .

They contain the oil-soluble vitamins present in the original plant raw material (especially vitamin E), valuable unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients in the natural state in which their human body can best use for their needs.

This is a relatively difficult process and can not produce the same amount of oil as refined oils, so they are a little more expensive.

Without oils we could not exist. They contain indispensable essential fatty acids for life and dissolve vital vitamins A, D, E, K. They have a significant influence on brain and nervous system development, and last but not least, they are a source of energy.

The extraordinary flavor of cold-pressed oil is the result of natural flavorings that remain in the oil when pressed and are not suppressed by high temperature production (because of yield) or by the use of solvents.

However, it is important to know the temperature at which they are to be used because the fatty acids are destroyed at high temperatures and can be transformed into harmful substances, so-called trans-isomers (or trans-fatty acids). They raise cholesterol and also increase the risk of heart attack.

Virgin oils are an ideal food for a healthy, nutritious, cholesterol-free diet. They do not contain synthetic preservatives or dyes. Virgin oils strengthen the immune system, deliver body energy, endurance, improve memory, relieve skin aging, reduce the risk of heart attack and atherosclerosis, improve liver function. They contribute to the prevention of kidney disease.

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