Comparison of the most famous oils

What is the ratio of Omega 3 - 6 fatty acids in individual oils?


 In terms of health criteria very important about oil to know the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids. This does not mean that the more omega-3 is better, but also the ratio of Omega 6 must be correct, otherwise the body is at risk of shortage or lack of Omega 3 and Omega 6.

From this point of view is the healthiest the cold pressed rapeseed oil, which is the ratio of approx 1:2 up to 1:3

The ideal ratio of 1:2 omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the diet provides:

  • optimal functioning of the body
  • properly control metabolism
  • fat loss
  • control of smooth muscle contraction
  •  controlling the transmission of nerve impulses
  • protect the mucous membrane of the digestive tract
  • regulation of blood pressure
  • regulate blood clotting

Other important features

  • support the immune system
  • reduce the risk of infections
  • blocking the inflammatory processes
  • relieve pain, inflammation and swelling
  • enhance athletic performance (by improving blood supply to organs improving blood supply to the muscles)
  • prevent the sedimentation of cholesterol in the arteries, lower blood triglycerides and bad LDL cholesterol
  • increase the level of good cholesterol HDL
  • improve insulin sensitivity and by this helping to prevent diabetes
  • increasing the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce the stickiness of platelets, thus preventing blood clots
  • relieve headaches and migraine symptoms
  • alleviate depression and psychological problems (positively influence mood, depression and dementia)
  • alleviates menstrual pain
  • inhibit the abnormal growth of cancer cells and reduce the incidence of certain types of tumor growth (cancer of the breast, colon, prostate)
  • ensuring development of the brain and eye development of the fetus (docosahexaenoic acid is essential to the visual development of infants)
  • have a slowing effect on the brain aging
  • protection from the occurrence of degenerative diseases
  • increase brain activity (in the process of remembering and learning)
  • protects skin from UV radiation, improves its quality
  • improves the quality of hair and nails