History of oil production

  • 1794 Watermill in Streda nad Bodrogom

    According to historical chronicles in 1794 was already in Streda nad Bodrogom an watermill, in which besides grinding were also oils pressing from oil crops, which the family managed to grow. Their own oil was particularly important during the period of fasting, which were not allowed to consume fats of animal origin. A very common meal was an stove baked bread, spread with home made oil.
  • 1800 The Mill in Boľ

    One of the mills of our region, of which has been preserved an written record about roasting and pressing of oilseeds, mainly sunflower.
  • 1900 Combined mill in Somotor

    In 1900 in Somotor it was built a combined mill for the production of flour and oil. It has been preserved to this day as evidence of traditional craft skills of our ancestors. To obtain oil was first necessary to grind the seeds. Not every farm had a mill in their area which knew press the oil. Therefore they had stone mills, for which manually crushed the seeds and then in the suspended cloth towel captured the dripping oil.
  • 1950 An electric motor and bottling

    In 1950 it comes to the aid in the processing of rape electromotors which accelerate and improve the processing process. At the same year we find the first mention of an industrial bottling cold-pressed rapeseed oil
  • 1960 Filter

    1960 brought a revolutionary change in the production of cold pressed rapeseed oil introducing filtration and thus its evaluation and improvement.
  • 1970 STOP

    In 1970 came to a huge STOP and destruction of small-scale construction of central plants. There is a rapid reduction of oil produced from rape until 1975, when it began to cultivate a newly bred, low erucic rapeseed.
  • 1985 Rape bred

    Breeding of this latest rape varieties,, 00,, with a minimum content of erucic acid and glucosinolates (easier digestibility and minimilized the amount of harmful substances in the rape).


  • 2006 Construction of the mill VENAS

    An important milestone in the modern history of oil production was year 2006 and the start of construction of our presses.
  • 2010 Research

    In this year idea was born and started research and development of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil in Slovakia.
  • 2016 Follow up on tradition

    It is the year 2016 and our company has officially launched the production of cold-pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil and rapeseed-radish oil.