Oil production

Cold pressing
9. December 2017

What are the steps in making virgin oil?

Rapeseed oil is made from oilseed rape seed grown in our Central European climatic conditions. Today's rape varieties are a long-term work of professionals and health benefits with a high proportion of positive health effects

Rapeseed oil is a one-year-old plant and grows in a temperate climate zone. Flowers in May and its beautiful yellow fields are unforgettable throughout the flowering time. In Slovakia, the rape is sown at the end of August, just after the harvest. Its cultivation contributes to natural crop rotation.

Rape care during its life in the field is one of the important obligations of the growers because as the quality of the seeds,and its grown quantity depends on their actions.

When the rape matures, its comes to crop gathering - harvesting.

After harvesting the seeds of the rape comes to the store where the last residue of weeds or other impurities is removed. Subsequently, the seeds are dried to obtain a high quality raw material for rapeseed oil production.

Rapeseed oil is obtained from rapeseed seeds by pressing and its by cold pressing, resulting in high-quality vitamin and phytosterol-rich oil.

The last step is to fill the bottle with fresh oil and start his journey to your kitchen.

Virgin oils are an ideal food for a healthy, nutritious, cholesterol-free diet. They do not contain synthetic preservatives or dyes. Virgin oils strengthen the immune system, deliver body energy, endurance, improve memory, relieve skin aging, reduce the risk of heart attack and atherosclerosis, improve liver function. They contribute to the prevention of kidney disease.

oil of life - really virgin oil