Storage of oil

Cold pressing
9. December 2017

How to store cold pressed oils?

Bottles should be carefully closed, oil should be protected from oxygen as it destroys unsaturated fatty acids.

Oils in plastic bottles must be stored in the dark - the light is the enemy of full-bodied oils, because it accelerates the reaction of fatty acids with air oxygen, reducing their quality and durability.

Always store in the cold after opening.

Not suitable for cooking, or for frying. They are used for the dripping of ready meals, mixing - dessication of finished meals and salads, or alone with pastry.

Virgin oils are an ideal food for a healthy, nutritious, cholesterol-free diet. They do not contain synthetic preservatives or dyes. Virgin oils strengthen the immune system, deliver body energy, endurance, improve memory, relieve skin aging, reduce the risk of heart attack and atherosclerosis, improve liver function. They contribute to the prevention of kidney disease.

oil of life - really virgin oil